Multi-media library

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It is a scientific and technical library. Its multimedia collections (books, albums, journals, CD-R, selected Internet sites…) are intended for the general public.
It has 5 areas:

  • Childhood area: albums, CDs, films... on education and pedagogy for both parents and educators, film projections on a big screen, sessions of stories and reading books. Workshops around games or Internet are regularly organised.

  • Science and Society area: Devoted to the human , philosophical and social policies related to assessments of science and scientific research.
  • Exact science and industries area: Devoted to the basic sciences (mathematics, physics chemistry, electronics ...) and their direct or indirect application in various industries.
  • Living and environment area: allows the discovery of the sciences of nature, the origins of the universe, the emergence of life, exploration of the human body, familiarization with biotechnology, understanding the faces of the planet...
  • Health area: Designed to meet the concerns of all people in health matters. Free access and consultation of books. Get guidance and support in your search for information, watch movies and CDs. Acceed to a selection of Internet sites on all areas of health.