Science Festival

Eigthth edition of Science Festival

Place of innovation, creation and communication

From April 29th to April 30th 2023


The Science Festival is an annual scientific forum organized by Monastir Science Palace. It represents an opportunity for those interested in scientific activities and those working to spread scientific culture to present their innovations and creativity, to exchange their experiences and to ensure communication between them and the various scientific structures and components of the social-economic environment.
This festival, which enticed the interest of participants from Tunisia and the whole world and attracted more than 15,000 visitors in its previous sessions, reaches its eighth session this year and takes place on April 29 and 30, 2023, at Monastir Science Palace.


The science festival mainly aims to:

  • Contribute to the dissemination of scientific culture in a simple and attractive way
  • Motivate young people to research and innovate.
  • Create communication circles between mediators in nationally and internationally scientific centers and museums and between them and the social-economic environment.

Content and program

The eighth edition of the science festival covers multiple axes and themes, all participating projects will be downloaded on a digital platform prepared in cooperation with the Virtual University of Tunis.
The competitions will be as follows:

  1. The national student creativity competition: organized in partnership with the Ministry of Education
  2. The national competition for youth creativity: organized in partnership with the Ministry of youth, sports and professional integration, and centred on “Sustainability of Natural Resources in Regions” through four sub-competition:
    1. Best sensory sensibility advertisement
    2. Best sound and image sensibility advertisement
    3. Best article
    4. Best digital photo
  3. The national competition for graduation projects with added value: This competition is intended for students and organized in coordination the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research. The competition’s themes are:
    1. Renewable energies and applications
    2. Design and implementation of innovative systems
    3. Smart agriculture and smart textiles
    4. Internet of things and TV applications
  4. The national scientific theatre competition, organized in partnership with the Ministry of Culture.
  5. The national competition for creativity and scientific innovation (open to everyone: associations, public and private establishments)




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