Science Festival

Sixth edition of Science Festival

Place of innovation, creation and communication

From April 12th to April 14th 2019


The Science Festival is a yearly event, organized by Monastir Science Palace. It aims to spread knowledge in society and particularly to encourage young people to create and innovate. The fifth edition is an opportunity to all the scientific and research centers, museums as well as all interested and passionate people by the scientific fields, whether in public or private sectors, to show their new creations and inventions.


The Science Festival aims particularly to:

  • Contribute in spreading scientific concepts in a simple and attractive way.
  • Encourage young people to research and innovate.
  • Build new bridges between the different scientific, research sectors, and the economic and social surroundings.


The content of the program of the sixth edition covers many areas and presents spectacular programs such as:

  • Scientific workshops
  • Astronomical observations
  • Visits to the astronomical dome
  • Cultural and scientific exhibitions
  • Documentary exhibitions
  • Innovations, inventions, and discoveries
  • Pupils creations
  • Graduation projects
  • Presentations of industrial products
  • Musical and theatrical performances

The final program will be released after selecting the final offers of participations.






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